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Game News
Welcome to the Bundesrepublik! (German for Federal Republic)  We are an Alliance raid guild on the Bloodhoof-US server.  We are primarily focused on Cataclysm 10-man raid progression and pre-made PVP.  We are a very fun group to play with while also expecting that everyone involved in anything we do knows how to play their class well.  We are planning on starting raids Sunday and Monday at 7:30 PM (EST) with other raids sprinkled throughout the week.  

Other Guild News

Cataclysm is out!

Tnig, Dec 17, 10 4:52 PM.
The guild is gearing up and recruiting once again.

A series of tubes...

borderguard, May 28, 10 1:41 PM.
So after a great deal of inactivity, the website is getting dusted off and polished back up.  The BR is actually at a point now where it would be very beneficial to have/use a website, with a very solid core group of players and regular progression.

I thought I would take this opportunity to give a brief retrospective of all that has occurred over the last year:

7/24/09: Bundesrepublik is founded by a group of friends from the rochester NY region

July-August 09: Massive recruitment, however it proves difficult for the fledgling guild

October 09: after a bit of stagnation, certain key members decide to leave the game, other look for a guild actually capable of raiding

November 09 - February '10: BR sits dormant essentially used as extra bank space.

March '10 - BR briefly is a 49 twink guild, however is then brought abruptly back to the raid scene after the breaking apart of another large raid guild.  

April '10 - Current:  The BR, in its most recent incarnation, has been regularly raiding ever since, with other events such as Pre-made BGs, Arena teams, World PVP, and old world raids being very common as well.

Heres to the future!

Closing in on final Ulduar/Trial of the Crusader 10 Man Team

Tnig, Aug 17, 09 5:51 PM.
The time is near, Monique is 80 and several others are near. All members have shown fantastic dedication in research  and progression for both themselves and the guild. Fucking good job. Lets kick some ass.
Grats to Monique.  /clap

Watch the adds!

borderguard, Aug 6, 09 1:21 AM.
Turns out that on Bloodhoof, strickly 10 man raiding is pretty oversaturated.  So we have decided to branch out a little bit as a guild, and bring some BG premade action!  Hopefully tomorrow or sometime shortly you should see these popping up in trade chat.

See you in game

Still Cruising

borderguard, Aug 5, 09 1:08 AM.
As most of you are probably aware, today heralded to birth of patch 3.2 in our glorious game known the world over as World of Warcraft!  Bundesrepublik gathered a few members together tonight to try our the new tasty 5 man, and were pleasantly surprised with what a fun instance it is, and what a great opportunity it is to help guilds like us "Catch Up" a bit.

Hopefully we can try the normal 10 man in the next few days!

See you in game


P.S. did i forget to mention just how fly i look with my new druid forms?!
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